Traffic Law 

Fabbian Lawyers provides expert defence representation for all traffic and motor vehicle matters including:

  • drink driving including driving under the influence (DUI), driving with the prescribed concentration of alcohol (PCA) and refusing or failing to comply with directions
  • drug driving 
  • driving without due care including aggravated offences 
  • speeding offences including exceeding the speed limit and excessive speed 
  • driving recklessly or at a speed dangerous to the public 
  • driving whilst disqualified, suspended or not the holder of a valid licence 
  • licence disqualification appeals 
  • demerit point issues 
  • motor vehicle forfeiture and impoundment 

We understand the serious impact that a licence disqualification can have on your employment and family obligations. We provide expert advice in relation to the options available to avoid or minimise licence disqualifications.

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